National Conclave 2019, Sustainable CSR projects in rural India accepts research papers on the following theme areas:
1) Responsible Technologies:
Machines that are Eco-friendly & emits zero carbon, Energy that is renewable and its application on day-to-day life, Durable and Zero Maintenance Machines & Mechanisms for best utilisation of natural resources

2) Challenges faced by rural India and ways to overcome:
Opportunities and challenges for sustainable development and eradication of poverty in rural India, Sustainable approach for increasing chemical-free food production and its preservation, Role of Rural Development Institutes in Preparing Workforce for Ethical Farming, Genetics and Immunological aspects of Human Diseases, and ways to overcome prevalence of related diseases such as – Vitiligo, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sickle Cell Anemia, Haemophilia, Infectious Diseases; Beneficial role of Microorganisms in Human Health; Nutraceutical Probiotics to cope up with Malnutrition in Rural India.

3) Climate change and how to deal with it:
Restoring biodiversity and encouraging sustainable living practices, The growing population in India and its impact.

4) Sustainable agriculture practice and product:
Seed culture, Organic Farming- zero budget farming, Biofertilizers and PGPR in sustainable quality and yield, Soil nutrients, Biodiversity, medicinal plants cultivation in low - fertile and marginal lands, Low carbon cattle & poultry feeds Biofuel, Bio-waste-managements & its products.

5) Sustainable extension education and  service:
Soil fertility health and reduction of chemical fertilizers, Community Farming, Contract farming, Capacity building in improving agriculture productivity, Economic and profitability analysis of cash crops cultivated in rural India, natural hazards on ecosystem and biodiversity - the aftermath of the last flood in Kerala,  Women participation in crop production.

6) Eco-friendly housing solutions:
Developing eco-friendly & sustainable houses using natural material available within a radius of 5kms, without damaging the environment, and not exceeding a budget of Rs.1 Lakh (excluding labour cost)

7) Other rural development themes areas: 
Any other areas of rural development that are not included above, and is of greater importance for the sustainable development in rural areas.

Submit your abstract: 
Students/Research Scholars who are interested to present their research papers/ inventions/project report can submit the abstract in 1000 or less number of words with video, blog or website link to read more. A non- refundable registration fee of Rs.1500/- is to be made while submitting the abstract through the form given alongside.

Submission of Research paper/Project report:
Once the abstract is selected by the Scientific Committee, the students are invited to submit the Research paper/Project report which will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee first and if they select the paper/project, it will be referred to the Ethics Committee, who will evaluate the Scientific, Social, Economical, Environmental impact and sustainability before recommending it for presentation.

Submissions’ formatting of Research paper/Project report:
A4 size paper, Single line space
Margins: 2 cm on the left and 2 cm on the right
Format: Align left
No footers and headers allowed and no numbered pages

Title: Times New Roman 14 bold
Subtitles: Times New Roman 12 bold
Text: Times New Roman 12

First page:
Title of submission
Name/s of author/s
Affiliation/s of the author/s
E-mail address/es of the author/s

Second page:
Abstract of maximum 1000 words (including the keyword)

Third page onward:
Full paper (unless the only abstract is intended for publication)

Last page:

Mode of Submission: 
The final document can be emailed in PDF format to with a reference number given by the Faculty as the subject of the mail.

Deadline for paper submissions: On or before 30th September 2019. Submissions received after this date or/and in a format different than specified will NOT be accepted. We strongly recommend early submissions to allow enough time for a review and feedback in case there are changes to be made in formatting.

The following presentation formats will be possible at the conference for the selected students:
Oral & Video presentation - Take advantage of the live presentation of your paper/ research on site and get the first-hand remarks and comments from the audience. Encourage a live discussion regarding the presented topic and network with other researchers and academics in the related areas and present their project for funding during the conclave. Invitation to attend one day conference will be extended to all such candidates whose paper is approved for live presentation (Conference participation cost for one person for 1 day (11th for Research Paper Presentation / 12th October for project paper presentation) includes, mid-morning tea with cookies, buffet lunch, and high tea.), however, they have to manage their travel, stay, food not provided during conclave, etc.

Stay for participants: 
The participants who have submitted the abstract and wish to be present during the event can book their accommodation. We can help them with the contact details of the affordable accommodations shortlisted by us in case if they desire.

To secure a seat at the conclave:
Once the accommodation is booked, please send us the details in order to reserve a seat for you to attend the event.

Networking Session on Students' Role in Sustainable Rural Development: 
Provisions have been made for students from across the country to meet and interact at International Youth Hostel in Mysore, to engage in group discussions, to explore joint research activities, create rural transformation groups and students-startups in India on11th and 12th of October. (Entry fee, light breakfast, thali meals for lunch and  tea/coffee in the evening are included in the registration fee), however, they have to manage their travel, stay, food not included during networking session, etc. Therefore students those who are keen to explore such immense possibilities may book their accommodations well in advance and block their seats

Papers presented at the conference will be published in selective journals at an additional cost. The final acceptance/rejection of publishing the full paper is up to the sole discretion of journal authorities and the decision of the journal is final in this regard.

Papers if selected for implementation by the Consortium:
The papers presented by the participants if selected for implementation by the Consortium powered by TGG Foundation will be published on and selective journals (if approved by the Journal authorities) without any additional cost. The invitation will be given to the researcher/Innovator/Student start-up to implement the project with the support of the Consortium.

Online payment of registration fee

The selection of the research papers & project reports are done by the following faculty members:
Prof. Rajashekhar Ingalhalli
Dr.Meonis Pithawala
Dr.Mitesh Dwivedi

Projects that are shortlisted for funding will be further studied by the following ethics committee members on its scientific, economical, ecological & social impact before it is approved for presentation.
Dr. Krishnamurthy
Mr. Rupak Dayal
Mr. Harish Tiwari
Mr. S.v.Laiju